3D Games and Tours for your Attraction or Destination
Posted Days Ago by Mike Sadowski CEO & Co-Founder
Aug 12 2014
3D Games and Tours for your Attraction or Destination

Posted 1581 Days Ago by Mike Sadowski, CEO & Co-Founder

If you have a tourist attraction, real estate development, resort, or other major destination you should consider letting Fast Motion Games create a 3D game for you. A 3D game is a three dimensional model of your attraction or other destination that’s built using video game technology. It’s used to engage prospective visitors about your attraction or destination, and help you convert prospective visitors into actual visitors. If you’d like to see an example, here’s a sample game we built for the Victoria Butterfly Gardens, one of the leading tourist attractions in Victoria, Canada).

3D game users can navigate through the highlights of your attraction, just like they move through a video game. They learn about its unique features, and play simple games (trivia questions, find the hidden object, solve a puzzle, etc.) that you can use to reward your prospective customers with a discount coupon or other prize. We can create a 3D game for your web site, viewable in a web browser, and we can also publish an app for the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.

Why should you consider a 3D game?

3D games allow your prospective customers to experience your attraction in a way that’s engaging, intuitive, social, viral and well-targeted for the top-spending demographic groups. It’s also a highly measurable promotional tool.

Engaging – A 3D game engages your prospective customers’ complete attention for several minutes. What other promotional tools do that? Radio ads? TV ads? Print ads? Do you pay attention to those promotional tools? Do you sometimes say “what product was the commercial for?” Games engage people far more intensely than other media.

Intuitive – What’s more intuitive than a video game? Anyone under 50 has probably played video games at some point in their life. So if you want to explain why your attraction is so great, there’s no better way of doing that than a game. Your prospective customer will understand instantly how to navigate around your attraction, and learn about it, and experience it.

Social & Viral – There are 1.3 Billions Facebook users in the world. So your target customers are there somewhere. How are you going to find them? We’ll help you. Your 3D game will have social features that allow your prospective customers to help you promote your attraction. Let’s say your game gives users a prize for answering some trivia questions. Great. But don’t just give them a coupon. Ask them to rave about it on Facebook or Tweet about it, and give them a suggested post or tweet (“I just played the 3D game for YourBusiness, and won a prize. I can’t wait to go!”). You can even give them an extra bonus prize if they help you by socializing your attraction, helping your attraction go viral.

Well Targeted to Great Demographics – You want to attract the demographics that actually spend money, right? What’s your impression of gamers? That they are 12 year old boys and have no money? WRONG! Gaming is mainstream now. Moreover:

- 48% of gamers are female

- The average gamer is 31 years old

- Gamers are spending more time gaming, and less time watching TV and movies

- Gamers play games socially, with 77% of them playing games with their friends and family each week

So unless you are Cadillac (average buyer—57 years old), gamers are your target market. And if you want to reach them, what better way than with a video game?

Measurable – Put your 3D game on your web site, put a few ads on Facebook, and get some viral traffic going to the 3D game and your web site, as users post about their experiences on Facebook or tweet about them. Everything in the prior sentence is measurable—your web site traffic, and users’ engagement with your attraction on Twitter and Facebook. Now what about converting prospective visitors to real visitors? In the end, that’s all the matters, right? We’ll give your game players a coupon for admission or some other discount, and measure how many visitors came to the attraction after playing the game. Maybe you want to target people on their mobile devices. OK, we’ll publish your 3D game to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store and you’ll know how many downloads you got and how many people actually used the game.

Fast Motion Games can create a 3D game and tour for your attraction (or other destination) that’s effective, and reasonably priced. These games are highly engaging, intuitive for users, social and viral, and well-targeted to the demographics that spend money. Moreover, the effectiveness of these games is highly measurable. 3D games and tours allow you to find prospective visitors and convert them to real-world visitors.

Where else can you take these games?

Think about these ideas, and whether they might apply to your business:

  • Enhance your 3D game to act as a tour guide to your destination while visitors are on site. Publish it to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and users can download the app when they arrive and use it to provide useful information during their visit
  • Add additional social features so that users can compare game scores with their friends, and create a leaders board, further promoting your attraction. You can even provide a “grand prize” for a weekly winner, so that users are even more engaged about the game and your attraction.
  • Add e-commerce features to the game, letting users buy tickets in advance, or buy other items from your store.
  • If you exhibit at trade shows, we’ll create a version of the 3D game for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device. Bring the 3D game and Oculus Rift to the trade show and blow people away with a virtual reality tour of your attraction! Everyone will want to come to your booth and check it out.

Maybe you’ve got your own ideas for this technology. Please give us a shout!