Why Us ?
We have the right mix of great skills and resources required to take your game ideas from concept to reality. We have our own complete staff of game developers, project managers, and 2D and 3D artists, and QA professionals. We’ll work with you to shape your game vision, translate it into a development plan, and manage every aspect of that plan to completion.

Mike Sadowski
CEO & Co-Founder
Mike has been involved with New York area venture-backed companies since the late 1990’s, as both a VP of Product and CTO. His earliest software development efforts were games for his Commodore PET computer.

Eugene Polyansky
COO and Co-Founder
Eugene is a design maven and dreamer. He has a rare combination of technology and design expertise, having once worked as a creative designer in the Advertising industry. He's also an experienced IT project manager and leads our development team.