Architectural Visualization with Unreal Engine 4
Posted Days Ago by Mike Sadowski CEO & Co-Founder
Apr 10 2015
Architectural Visualization with Unreal Engine 4

Posted 1315 Days Ago by Mike Sadowski, CEO & Co-Founder

Have you ever wanted to look into the future and walk around a house, although its construction has not even started? Or maybe you are involved in a large new residential or commercial real-estate development, and you want to show prospective clients what it will look like. A new technology called Unreal Engine 4 provides a great solution.

Watch this video to get a feeling for this technology:

The Unreal Engine is a game engine with its code written in C++. That means it’s very fast and can represent spaces that don’t exist yet, in an extremely realistic fashion. Unreal Engine is a tool used by many video game developers today. This technology is also widely used in the 3D modeling of architecture.

Scuffs on the walls, reflections on windows - all this gives the image a convincing realism. Along with the composition of the frame, the choice of the angle and light, this is what will make a simulation of your project a unique work of art, different from what your competitors are showing their prospects.

With Unreal Engine 4, a typical architectural plan turns into an interactive 3D visualization that allows you to virtually visit a place that does not yet exist in real life. This will allow your customers to not only look into every corner of your future building, but also move objects, change their color and texture.

We’d invite you to consider how this technology might enable you to reach clients in new ways. We’d love to discuss it with you!