Victoria Butterfly Gardens
3D Tour: Victoria Butterfly Gardens

3D Tour: Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Take a 3D tour!

Fast Motion Games was asked to create a 3D tour of the Victoria Butterfly Gardens to help promote the attraction (one of the leading attractions in Victoria, Canada) to potential visitors. The 3D tour uses gaming technology to provide users with an immersive experience that simulates visiting the Gardens.

An online visitor walks through the Gardens, and explores the plants and animals that live there. Mini games are used to engage the user, and encourage them to visit the Gardens in person by offering a coupon for reduced admission. The 3D tour increases the time that potential customers spend on the web site, and helps the Gardens "close the deal" by increasing the likelihood that a web site visitor comes to see the Gardens in person.

3D tours are an engaging and effective marketing tool for a tourist attraction or any major destination such as a resort, park, museum, shopping mall, hotel, casino, or entertainment complex.

David Roberts
General Manager,
Victoria Butterfly Gardens.
"The 3D game is an effective marketing tool that lets Victoria Butterfly Gardens take web site visitors, and convert them to real-world visitors to our attraction. Fast Motion Games really engaged with us to understand the experience that we wanted to show our potential visitors. The 3D game that they created really captures the spirit of the gardens, from the lush plants, to the birds and animals, and of course the butterflies."